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A couple of years ago I bought a Fitbit Flex, the second generation (?) fitness tracker by Fitbit. It was at a time when I had just graduated from university and started my job, which involved a lot of sitting. (I wasn’t paid for the sitting part) I was interested in how close to the 10000 daily steps I got and the Fitbit provided this information. It had a very limited physical display consisting only of 5 LEDs which would consecutively light up as you approached the 10000 steps.


Having treaded on the path of the outcast for a long time, the group of Rangers now accompanying the Farseer Laa’hara had seen some humans before. Most of the time in combat and through their scopes. Some of them had heard stories about eldar and humans fighting on one side. Alliances of necessity against an overwhelming enemy. This was very different. The human inquisitor and his augmented companion were part of their expedition.


Last year the hosts of Geek News Radio (the absolute bestest podcast on the interwebs) ran a Warhammer 40k painting competition among themselves. Since I had recently picked up the hobby again, I joined in as the unofficial 5th Feldherr and had a lot of fun exchanging picture of minis along with a ton of banter. One might even say I had some of the more turtle paced official Feldherren beat at the end.


While open source software in general can be considered a huge success - most of the internet runs on it - games in particular were never really its strong suit. Sure, most classic card or board games like Solitaire, Chess, Go or Mahjongg have been implemented as open source apps and can for example be found in many linux distributions. But what about modern, innovative games? Well, there’s Super Tux Kart a 3D racing game, Secret Maryo Chronicles - similarities with a certain italian plumber are completely coincidental - and the real time strategy game Warzone 2100.


In the two years I’ve been having my Fairphone 2 I noticed three kinds of reactions in people: “Oh, you have a Fairphone! What is it like?” “Oh, you have a Fairphone! I heard they are unstable pieces of junk.” “Oh, you have a Fairphone! What the hell is that?” I’ve explained the concept so many times now, that I decided to write a little post about it.


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Open Source

Projects I contribute to or just like very much

  • coala - coala provides a unified interface for linting and fixing code with a single configuration file, regardless of the programming languages used. I met the great team of coala at 2016 in Munich and have since contributed some code and mentored at Google Summer of Code 2017.

  • Borg Backup - A backup tool written in Python. Borg is a very powerfull and flexible deduplicating backup tool. I use it at work and at home and have also contributed to this great project.

  • pytest - The best testrunner for Python and better as most I’ve seen in other languages. Makes it really easy to get into testing in Python and has a powerfull toolbox for experts to really make the most of your tests.