Cloudless Fitness Tracking

A couple of years ago I bought a Fitbit Flex, the second generation (?) fitness tracker by Fitbit. It was at a time when I had just graduated from university and started my job, which involved a lot of sitting. (I wasn’t paid for the sitting part) I was interested in how close to the 10000 daily steps I got and the Fitbit provided this information. It had a very limited physical display consisting only of 5 LEDs which would consecutively light up as you approached the 10000 steps.

Fairphone 2

In the two years I’ve been having my Fairphone 2 I noticed three kinds of reactions in people: “Oh, you have a Fairphone! What is it like?” “Oh, you have a Fairphone! I heard they are unstable pieces of junk.” “Oh, you have a Fairphone! What the hell is that?” I’ve explained the concept so many times now, that I decided to write a little post about it.