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Mentoring at Google Summer of Code 2017

I decided to reactivate this blog and document my experiences as a mentor at Google Summer of Code.

If you don’t know what Google Summer of Code is, here’s the tl;dr: It’s an annual scholarship program by Google, where students from all around the world get sponsored to work full time for three months. The interesting thing is, that they don’t work for for Google, but for a number of open source projects.

This year, coala, an open source project I joined last year is one of the lucky organizations selected for the program. Having already participated last year as a sub-organisation we got selected as an independent project for the first time and were granted 10 slots right away. This is unusually high for such a young project and we are extremely grateful for the trust that Google have put in us.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of proposals of the highest quality the project admins had the difficult task to select 10. Saurav Singh aka damngamerz is one of the lucky winners and I have been assigned to co-mentor him. Check out his blog post if you want a taste of the excitement and info about his project in particular.

As this is a very new experience for me, I’ll try to document it in this blog. We’re still very early in the program and so far had some nice chat and phone sessions setting everything up. I am very excited to see how this summer will progress!